Trout Fishing is Great for Beginners

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People of all ages love to fish for trout. One reason is that it’s difficult to find an area where trout are not stocked. They are plentiful in many areas, and they are fairly easy to catch.

They are also easy to handle, but still exciting to fight when reeling them in. Another benefit of trout fishing is that trout are easy to clean and very good to eat. There is not greater satisfaction than eating something for dinner that an angler has caught that day. Even children love to eat what they catch.

In some areas, live bait fishing for trout is not allowed, so in those areas anglers will need to use artificial trout lures when they head out in search of these fish. Some anglers simply prefer artificial trout lures because they can be used over and over again and they won’t go bad over time.

rainbow_troutOnce an angler learns a certain technique, he or she can use that technique again and again, with the same trout lure, in different lakes or impoundments all over the area. Learning which lures work best in which conditions can take some trial and error, but there are definitely some lures that outperform others – lures with which anglers should start when targeting trout.

Some of the best trout lures have been around for a long time. They can even be found at garage sales or rummage sales, making getting into the sport of trout fishing even less expensive. Anglers do not have to spend a lot of money to get into trout fishing, which is another great reason to give it a try.


When fishing stocked lakes, in some areas trolling is accepted. Anglers should check the regulations to ensure boats and kayaks are allowed to be used before attempting this type of fishing. With trolling, an angler can throw out a crankbait such as a Lazy Ike and pull it behind the boat or kayak, simply waiting for it to troll along in front of a hungry fish. Other crankbaits are good for both trolling or casting.

Trout crankbaits are smaller Rapala Count Down crankbait in the 1” size weighs about 1/16 oz., and is a great choice to a trout lure. The Rebel Wee-Craw is an inch bigger, and is a good choice when the forage (the food the fish is eating) is bigger. Strike King makes a Bitsy Minnow in a 1 ¼ “ size that works well in many situations, as well and the Rebel Track Down minnow is great for fishing deeper in the water column.

All of these crankbaits have been around for along time and can be found at most tackle shops and sporting goods stores. New anglers should be aware, though, that many lures are meant to catch the fisherman rather than the fish. There will be a huge array of color combinations to choose from, but try to keep it as simple as possible. Think about what the fish might be feeding on in the area where you plan to fish and then match that as closely as possible.


Spinners are also a great choice. They can be casted either from a boat or from shore and are very effective at catching trout in both situations. Mepps and Panther Martin are two companies whose names are synonymous with in-line spinners. Again, there are a variety of sizes and colors, but choose yours based on the forage.

Mepps also has a soft plastic minnow known as a Comet Mino that features a soft plastic minnow with a spinner on the front. The flash of the spinner gets the trout’s attention with these lures, and the minnow is meant to look realistic as it moves by the trout.

Another good trout lure made by Mepps is the Little Wolf. This is a spinner with a treble hook on it, as is the Mepps Aglia. These trout lures put off a flash as well make some commotion when reeled through the water to attract the fish. Both Mepps lures and Panther-Martin spinners can be found virtually everywhere, even in the small fishing departments of big box retail stores.

When selecting lures to use for trout fishing, new anglers should simply think about what the trout normally feed on in the lake or impoundment they intend to fish. This can be decided by going to that lake and doing a little investigating, or simply asking the people at the local tackle shop.

These people can be a wealth of information and will be more than willing to help new anglers catch fish and develop a passion for the sport. Keeping it simple at the start is the best way to enjoy catching trout on lures. A spinning reel set-up and some trout lures is all an angler needs to get started.

So, really, there is no reason not to enjoy a holiday fishing for trout.

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