People love to take risks by climbing mountains

A backcountry is an inaccessible geographical region which is undeveloped, remote and isolated. This kind of region is usually found nearby urban areas, not immediately reach place by any vehicles, usually located at high altitudes or no foot prints of humans. The place contains many hazards such as rough terrain, avalanches, bad weather which may be life threatening and wild animals. You can see lot of news reports that hikers, skiers or climbers are encountered with tragic accidents due to the above hazards. Some jurisdictions have ordered not to enter backcountry places during times of danger. We people go to mountain areas for various reasons like physical challenge, adrenaline, enlighten and for a cause or creation of awareness. We never like to risks our life with climbing mountains but we do, because for us to enjoy thrilling experience. Most of the people doesn’t like to make any money but wanted to take fantastic risk.

Importance of safety measures in avalanche terrain

When you like to enter backcountry mountaineering during winter seasons you have to take some proper measures to protect your life, clothes for climbing can be purchased from Bakcountry and you may use backcountry coupons from Coupon Goo to save money on your order. Before leaving home forecast the weather conditions, if danger is high choose safe terrain or better stay at home. When you are in field try to observe warning signs and be alert throughout your trip to be safe from avalanche danger. Following are some evidence of possible avalanches or warning signs. You can find out the cracks in the snow mountains areas, ground feels hollow underfoot, you may hear “whumping” sounds in the areas which denotes the snow is settling & release of slab, you can also observe snow balls rolling down the slope and the strong winds will make surface patterns on snow. It also been an indication that the snow has been deposited in danger drifts which could release. When you found above any of the natural indicators suddenly inform your teammates to shift the route or return back home. Traveler should select the routes like hilltops and ridges, open valleys, slopes without over steepness, windward slopes without having cronies or snow and  thick forested areas.

Slopes with trees downed laying in one direction indicate an avalanche chutt. Staying safe in mountain areas largely depends upon teammates because they have to overcome certain dangers and with better fitness levels. According to researches it has reported that there is 93% of chance, a person can be rescued from an avalanche within 1st 15 minutes when he was buried and when time exceeds, life is lost. But it is very tough for the search and rescue operations who may find long time to respond, hence it is better to accompany with your group mates. Before heading out ask every person in the group willingness to take responsibilities and risks. And also check out the backpacking things are taken correctly and ensure everyone wears a working transceiver. Make sure everyone in group know to operate and turned “on” to send. Take avalanche safety gear with you which provide knowledge for surviving.

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