Place Your Bets: Five Most Popular Betting Sports in Australia

Sports betting is a type of gambling where you place your bet in a monetary form for the outcome of the sports event. Like any gambling, if you win your bet, you will gain additional money, and if not, you will lose it. The higher your bet amount, the higher the money you will receive if you win. Unlike casinos, this type of gambling requires research and patience.

Sports betting is quite popular these days. This became a form of entertainment for sports enthusiasts and gamblers. A bettor can guess probabilities on the bet by having a lot of experience in this type of game. In Australia, certain sports are popular for customers to place their bets. Here is the list of games that Australians like the most.


Horse Racing

It may sound ancient as it seems, horse racing is a historical sport that never gets old. Australians seem to enjoy and love this sport, and it has become an expected discipline in this country. Horse racing is one of the popular sports in Australia for placing bets. This is also considered the most heavily attended sport, and billions of dollars are being wagered.

Horse racing fans in Australia never decrease. For this reason, a lot of horse racing events are being held in the said country. In addition, the Official Association- Horse Racing Australia has supported horse racing competitions named as Australian Cup or Australian Derby. For more horse racing event updates, you can check more on TopSport for additional information.



Basketball is a popular sport known worldwide, but this sport only became popular in Australia in the last three decades.  Since this sport hit the spotlight, it began to be a big subject in sports betting. Bettors spend a lot on this sport and also win the bet. Intense games make the customer be driven to grab the opportunity to gamble and be lucky to win.

The National Basketball League is the country’s top-level basketball competition in the country. The number of Australians who place their bets on this exciting sport has the same number of fans watching and enjoying the NBL event. This is proof that a lot of Australians became victorious while gambling on this sport.

In Australia, two major basketball league teams are known in the country. The team is called The Boomers for men, and the team is called The Opals for women. Basketball fans bet not only for the men’s team, the most players of the said game but also for the women’s team since they can also pull off this sport.


Australian Rules Football

Aussie Rules, as what the locals call it. This is a football brand created in Australia. This sport became official in 1859 when the Melbourne Football Club announced its first ten rules. It is popular in Australia, but this sport has garnered a lot of fans around the globe. The popularity has reached a point where the Australian Football League goes beyond the borders.

This type of football may be confusing for non- Australians, but it does not stop fans from admiring and enjoying this sport. Aside from the local fans, international football enthusiasts cannot help but bet on this sport. There are betting agents that give adequate information regarding this sport to guide international bettors.


Cricket is a sport introduced back in the 16th century. This is the national sport of Great Britain, and since Australia is a country under its reign, this sport is being influenced by the locals.  Both adults and children love to watch cricket games being held in the country. No doubt, this sport is common for the locals in sports betting.

Betting on Cricket games is considered as easy and predictable. This is the main reason why Australians do not hesitate to put their wagers on betting sites. A gentle reminder that even though this is a predictable game, it is best to record your betting activities to keep track and improve your future results of the bet.



Specifically, Australians call it Field Hockey. Great Britain also influenced this sport; the naval officers introduced it during the 19th century. Even though Australia has a warm climate, it never stops locals from admiring and appreciating hockey, and watching the games can give the fans and gamblers excitement and thrill. That is why hockey is also popular in sports betting.

Hockey Australia is the organization that supports and governs hockey tournaments in the country. Before it emerged to its popularity, hockey had the lowest rank for viewers and betting participation. This changed when Australia won multiple medals and awards in the Olympics and World Cup for this game. This success attracts gamblers and viewers to adore hockey.



Sports enthusiasts today do not only cheer for their team to show support. Some gamblers bet for their desired team of any sport as a sign of endorsement and entertainment. The most popular sports in Australia for betting shows that fans spend money to track the sports’ performance and win additional money. This sports betting also has an impact on the country since it made the locals love sports more.

As a gambler in sports, you must not spend and place your bet recklessly. There are betting sites that can help you look into the sports you like and review data that can help you predict your bet for a strong possibility of winning. This requires thorough research and patience before you can place your bet. Keeping track of your betting activities is good data for you to improve your future bets.

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