8 Top-Rated Betting Websites For 2016


From the world of sports betting, to online casino’s and poker games, online betting has increased in recent years to the point where there is hundreds of options for everybody to make some money. Nowadays, with elite hackers, complicated viruses and tons of spam everywhere, nobody can be sure what is a scam or not, so it’s important to know which online casino’s, poker games, or sports betting websites are the best to frequent if you, or anybody you know, would like to bet online for real money.

Sports Betting

First on the list of the 8 best betting sites on the internet is none other than the 5Dimes Sportsbook. 5Dimes is the hot spot for anybody who likes to wager on their favorite teams, offering an impressive number of sporting games and events worldwide and a nearly endless number of wager types to suit however you want to earn back your cash. 5Dimes is known for having the most extensive inventory of both events and wager types, so don’t look any further for a sports betting site because 5Dimes is as good as it gets. The number one reason that 5Dimes always gets the nod as the number 1 sports betting site in the world is their “reduced juice.” They offer the same lines that all of the other online sportsbooks offer, yet simply at a lower cost to the bettor. Originating from Cost Rica in late 1999, sixteen years after their startup and they still impress their members with new options on the regular. Plus, they have an incredible amount of bonuses for new accounts, so if you’re not sure how long you will stick with the online betting game, you won’t lose much giving the 5Dimes Sportsbook a whirl.

The second betting website on the list in the traditional sports betting category is the Bovada Sportsbook. Bovada is no newcomer to the online betting game, they have been listed as one of the best sports wagering websites (since they started out as the original Bodog Sportsbook, Casino & Poker Room) by nearly every online gambling watchdog in the industry. One simple aspect of Bovada that a lot of members enjoy is how easy they make it to get your money. You can use a credit card, money transfer, or a rapid transfer, three options that suit the majority’s needs. Plus, the minimum deposit to bet at Bovada is only $20, a lot less than a lot of the other Sportsbooks on the world-wide web, and smartphone users like the fact that Bovada has an amazing mobile betting platform. With references from highly trusted sources such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated, Bovada is hard to beat.

Online Poker

Third on the top 8 betting sites is a familiar name, but on a different platform. Bovada Poker takes the third spot. A poker room that has been online for many years, Bovada Poker has subsequently poised itself as one of the best poker sites available to US Customers. Bovada Poker holds one of the fastest payouts in all of the online betting game, with money transferring as early as one day of winning a bet. One of the most reliable sites, they offer a lot of helpful hints for people that are just getting started, and make it easy to come and go relatively easy.

Fourth on the list is Juicy Stakes Online Poker, virtually all due to the new owners that took over Juicy Stakes in 2014. Online payouts went from six months to five days and have consistently stayed reliable throughout the new owners’ entire run in the office. With a VIP program and some amazing options for newcomers, Juicy Stakes even offers some penny programs where people can lose-and make- pennies or dimes, and even games that can turn an income of thousands of dollars!

Online Casinos

The first online casino mentioned on this list, Vegas Casino Online takes the fifth spot for being the online equivalent for going to Sin City’s very own casinos. Taking over the US and Costa Rica, Vegas Casino Online was produced and created by Real Time Gaming, otherwise known as one of the largest (and best) software providers in the gaming business, let alone the online betting world. In the last sixteen years, Vegas Casino Online has added a dozen deposit methods, more than a lot of online casinos, which makes it one of the easiest online casinos for a lot of members to use, and with a live chat option and a 24 hour support line, the customers always keep coming back!

A name that sounds all too familiar now, Bovada Casino is another property of Bovada that winds up this list at number six. One of the most agreed upon claims about Bovada Casino is that it’s weirdly lucky- jackpots are common and usually gain the winners somewhere in the likes of a couple thousand dollars, and since the bank transfer never take longer than a week, the members come back for more and more jackpots. Plus, Bovada Online Casino has an impressive amount of games to choose form, suiting even the most professional of casino patrons. With the friendliest support a lot of people have ever experience, Bovada Online Casino holds themselves as one of the online casinos to beat.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy football is a form of online betting that has taken new extremes in recent years, and thanks to our number seven spot: FanDuel. With the amount of media coverage FanDuel has managed in recent years, there is no denying they are one of the best companies to give your money too. Not only do they have an incredible number of sports and leagues to choose form, they offer a lot of incentives for newcomers that don’t know what they are doing. Jackpots reach the two to ten million dollar range, so if your goal is to end up a millionaire on one of these sits, FanDuel will probably give you one of the best shots.

Last but certainly not least, DraftKings has been voted as the top daily fantasy site for the 2015-2016 year. In the past few years, DraftKings has impressed, but somehow they have managed to real in their big guns and come back better than ever. Now boasting the biggest playing field in any online betting website, this is probably partly due to their unique selection of games and leagues they’ve partnered with and allowed on their site. The website is easy to navigate and depositing money is easy, making it the best site to close out this list of the 8 best current betting websites!