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If you are interested in sports or sports betting you might like our mobile app for Android – available for free in the Google Play Store:

Betting Tips: Football Predictions

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What is it about?

Well… the title says it all. The app provides football predictions and betting tips for various sports events.

Predicting the outcome of the game can be hard because it’s not always the case that the big team wins. Sport games are full of unexpected results, especially when we are talking about football. We don’t have to look far for the examples because there are plenty in the current season 2020/2021.

One of them is the following game that took place few weeks ago in the English Premier League:

Leicester – Fulham 1:2

Fulham was a big underdog here and the odds for away win given by bookmakers were around 6.00 decimal or 5/1 fractional. There were no major absences in both teams. Leicester is a the top 5 in  the Premier League and their players are super motivated to fight for the best. On the other side Fulham is just surviving at the bottom part of the league table.

However the best thing is that we predicted that outcome correctly! See the screenshot below taken directly from the app:

betting app

How do we do it?

Well we could say it’s a trading secret but actually it’s not a secret at all. We are a group of highly skilled tipsters with over 10 years of experience. We are also software engineers and mathematicians. And as you might know almost everything in this world can be translated into numbers. When selecting the betting tips apart from research and statistical analysis we use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally we take into account other important factors such as:

  • weather conditions
  • missing players
  • motivation to win
  • how important is that game for the team
  • and few others

Features of the app

  • betting tips published on a daily basis (depending on the market availability)
  • monthly statistics to keep track of average odds, units of profit and yield
  • betting streak challenge where we try to get as many consecutive winning tips as we can
  • ability to share the tips directly from the app
  • configurable odds format with options for Decimal, Fractional and American format
  • automatic notifications whenever new tips are available

As mentioned above we keep track of the betting statistics for each month. The good news is that so far every single month proved to be successful. Please see the screenshot below showing the latest stats for December 2020:

stats for December 2020

So if you think the app might be useful for you, please go ahead and install it for free:

Currently the app is available for Android devices only. If you don’t have access to such device, instead you can find some of the betting tips and predictions in the following channels:


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This is NOT a gambling app or service and we do not endorse gambling in any way. All content you can find in the app including but not limited to betting tips and predictions is provided for general information purposes only. We cannot guarantee any results. You are using this application at your own risk. No one will be responsible in any manner for loss caused in any way as a result of the use of this application.

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