White label casino: advantages


Nowadays, gambling business is in-demand. It attracts more and more entrepreneurs because it can bring substantial income even in case of minimal investments.

There are a bunch of ways how to start a casino business, but most people (especially those who are beginners in this sphere) prefer white label casino as it is cheap, profitable and straightforward at once.


What is white label casino?


A turnkey casino using the white label system is a ready-made product that can be launched and bring profit immediately. It allows you not to worry about legal formalities or technical problems. But still you have to concentrate on the following things:

  • creating a unique design for your website;
  • choosing an appropriate name for your brand;
  • obtaining a domain name;
  • promoting your establishment;
  • adding features, bonuses and special offers to stand out from competitors and attract more audience.


Why do most of the people choose white label casino?


White label casino providers will supply you with everything needed to launch your business as soon as possible:

  • A license. You will not have to spend much time, money and efforts on being licensed. You will do legal business under your provider’s license.
  • Hosting of high quality.
  • A convenient platform to control and manage your casino.
  • Wide choice of casino software and games.
  • A variety of payment systems that can be easily customised.
  • Technical support.
  • Assistance and pieces of advice on how to run your business.


How much does white label casino cost?


In general, launching a white label casino may cost from 1 to 10 thousand dollars depending on the provided services, the popularity of the provider etc. For gambling industry, it is very cheap. The price is one more reason why more and more businesspeople choose white label casino.


But still, you can apply to other specialists like translators, designers, marketers and so on to improve your establishment. In this case, the cost of their services will become one more item of expenditure for you.


What are reliable developers of white label casino solutions?


Today a lot of companies provide white label casino software, but Slotegrator and Casexe will always remain the most reliable ones. These studios are ready to offer you not only a ready-to-use product but also to develop an individual design for your establishment.

Slotegrator and Casexe have been in the gaming industry for a very long time, so you can be sure that you will get high-quality software.


Where to order white label casino?


If you want to achieve success with white label casino, we recommend that you should apply to Online Casino Market. Specialists of this studio will provide you with a free consultation on any question concerning gambling industry and help you decide what white label casino software to choose.