The features of aramid fiber in biotechnical industry


The biotechnology revolution had lead to the innovation of many bio-technical products which are used in various applications. Nowadays, synthetic fibers are broadly used in complex technical applications. The chain molecules of synthetic fibers are highly oriented along the fiber axis which provides more strength to the chemical bond. Meta fibers from ChakwalGroup are one of the classifications in synthetic fibers which has good heat-resistant when exposed to sunlight and other heat bodies. These are high-performance fibers with molecules that are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. Many strong hydrogen bonds link the molecules which transfers mechanical stress in an easy manner. These fibers are good in strength and possess high resistance against abrasion. When combined with organic solvents these fibers have good resistance, so these fibers are popularly used in chemical technology. The low flammability without melting point had increased the usage of these fibers in electrical and thermal power industry. Good fabric integrity is observed at elevated temperatures levels.

Aerospace industry

Scientists and engineers prefer to use aramid fibers in all technical aspects of science. In aerospace this fiber is used in building the ballistic body to protect the component from high heat and other thermal collisions. Aeronautical engineers had done many experiments with aramid fibers and obtained fruitful results when used in the aerospace engineering branch. Widely, all aerospace engineers prefer to apply these fibers to build ballistic composites. In two-wheeler mechanism these fibers are used to manufacture tires and tubes. Its heat tolerance capacity is an added advantage when used in vehicles, which can tolerate friction caused between the road and vehicle.

Construction industry

This fiber also acts as a substitute to asbestos which yields good results when used in construction industry. While using asbestos, many health hazards are observed, asbestos fibers creates air pollution which produces breathing and lung problems. In order to avoid such health hazards, aramid fibers are used as a replacement of asbestos. These fibers are used in concrete columns to produce concrete reinforcement. Aramid fabric is wrapped around concrete columns and this column wrapping technique is popularly used by many civil engineers. Column wrapping is used for repairing old and deteriorating building structures, and on structures that require extra reinforcement. Twaron grids are used as an alternative to steel meshes in masonry reinforcement tasks. These grids provide easy installation, resistance to corrosion and superior lifetime when compared with steel meshes. Similarly, Technora short-cut fibers are used to replace steel meshes in high performance concrete construction. These fibers offer corrosion resistance and injury prevention to building structures. Many civil contractors prefer to use these fibers which yield beneficial results.

Ropes and cables

In mining and offshore industries, the usage of ropes and cables had increased a lot. More resistant associated with high durable cables and ropes are required for mining tasks. The para-aramid Twaron and Technora fibers are used in preparing strong ropes and cables which are used in mining industry. The aramid fiber ropes have long lifespan with low weight and possess high efficiency. The maintenance cost is very low and has good heat stability associated with long-term dimensional stability.