Online casinos in the time of COVID-19 pandemic

Gambling has been practiced by human beings for centuries and will only continue to gain more followers in the coming years. Some would say that the practice’s thrill comes in the unpredictable chances of profit and loss with the promise of high rewards always lingering in the air. Gambling at the casino level is a popular practice, with casinos springing up at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic ground plan based gambling activities to a halt as patrons were prevented from visiting their favorite spots due to social distancing rules. As with all business ventures, a sense of profit will always triumph. This spurred the increase in the popularity of online casinos that are not affected by the coronavirus restrictions.


The innovation of online gambling sites began in the early 90s but didn’t take off until more recently. According to 2019 financial statistics, the online gambling market was estimated to be worth $53.7 billion, with online casinos accounting for 32% of Europe’s online gambling market share. It is worth noting that this has been made possible because online casinos are of two sorts, namely;

  1. Web-based; these are websites that allow users to play casino games without downloading them to their local computers.
  2. Download only; In this case, users can only gain access to the games after downloading the software that will allow clients to play and place wagers on the casino games offered.

Reason for online casinos in the time of COVID-19

Key factors have been listed as being responsible for the thriving nature of online casinos in the current pandemic face. The increase in business profit for this particular venture is noteworthy, with the innovation of the online casino sportsbook playing a huge role in making it possible. Additionally, the following are some of the reasons for this unprecedented success;

  1. Secure systems for operation
  2. The introduction of live casinos
  3. Constantly changing customer habits
  4. Gambling and casino regulations have taken on a stricter nature
  5. Virtual reality and Augmented reality have become a crucial part of casino operations

Thriving online casinos during the pandemic

Online casinos took center stage of the online gambling operation in the wake of COVID-19. Here is a list of casinos that recorded huge successes during this period;

  1. Casoola

By featuring a rather futuristic design, this online casino has been able to capture that essence of continued progress, which fills users with a healthy success vibe. It also offers a fantastic gambling experience, with regular customers gaining access to the VIP scheme, which comes with added benefits. These features and more, no doubt, earned the casino a lot of profit.

  1. Partycasino

The advent of COVID-19 saw a rise in online casinos creating mobile apps for a smoother gambling experience. An app that predates the pandemic but surged during this period is the app, Partycasino. It features a host of gaming options to keep users entertained, with 1,200 slots, 85 table games, and 126 live tables. With all that in play, it’s not hard to see why this mobile app, which went online in 1997, has made such a profitable comeback in 2020.

  1. Betsafe

This has been considered one of the top online casinos in Canada, and with features like a variety of over 1000 games and lucrative bonuses and promotions, it’s not hard to see why. Betsafe currently has more than half a million customers, and this is a number that looks like it can only go higher. The online casino also has a unique selling point, which is the availability of numerous payment methods that functions as an attractive incentive for new customers.

  1. Ruby Fortune Casino

A prominent feature is its elegant and sleek look made to benefit customers looking for glamour and class. It provides various games, which is a sure way to attract diverse gamers to its platform. As an added incentive, this online casino offers a welcome bonus amounting to $750 in bonus money to new players, which undoubtedly played a part in its huge profits.

Guidelines for online casino users in the time of COVID-19

The current pandemic has caused many patrons of land-based casinos to venture into the realm of online gambling. However, it has to be said that most users do not have prior knowledge on how to gamble online successfully. Here are a few tips that online users will find handy;

  1. Carry out a prior investigation

Different online casinos will appeal to different users as features and modifications vary. With that in mind, users are advised to make the different gambling platforms’ findings to determine those that appeal to their taste before choosing one to patronize.

  1. Invest in Cryptocurrency

The pandemic has placed the switch from paper money to cryptocurrency as a means of payment on the fast track. This means that users of online casinos should seek out means of securing cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, as these will definitely come in handy.

  1. Prioritize transparency

In searching for a suitable online casino to patronize, users should focus on those that guarantee extensive player-casino communication. The user is thus aware of the playing process, although not physically present.

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